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Contemporary Painter

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I'm Fabien Garcia

Born in 1986 in Montpellier, France.
A Graduate in Arts and Languages, mention applied arts from the university center of training and research of Nîmes in 2007.
Straight after university, i embarked on an adventure and left France.
As the art was taking more and more space and time in my life, I decided in 2016 to return to my native country to study the old masters.

I currently live and work in Surf Beach, Victoria, Australia.
I have crossed paths with great artists who have greatly influenced my work. I first broadened my skills and sharpened my vision on a daily basis with the sculptor Éric Chatalin, former student of Charles Auffret, in the alternative art’s school Auralithe. I then immersed myself in the world of colours and textures working beside the painter Nushka.

Some examples of my work